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Create your fantasy team of Youtube Creators and win lacs of cash

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Trusted by More than 50,000 players

Trusted by more than 250,000+ fans


Allows the user to track time on the go,

Automatic tracking

Automatically track the amount of time spent on different tasks


The app generates detailed reports.

50 Lac+ cash winnings
250+ Youtubers
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250K+ Wallets created

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Accumulating FLTs unlocks a world of exclusive perks and offers. From special discounts, early access to new products, to members-only events

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Effortlessly redeem your FLTs for future discounts, exclusive merchandise, gift cards, or donations.

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With FLTs, you can earn rewards seamlessly by completing everyday tasks and activities.

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Invest and Earn on your favourite creators

Create a portfolio of Youtube creators daily and win if your portfolio outperform other fans

Instantly withdraw your Profits

FLOC is 100% safe and secured

How to play on FLOC in 4 easy steps, it's real fun.

You need to download our android APK on your mobile to play FLOC. Its 100% secured and powered by Blockchain.


Enter the creator contest

The FLOC team runs variety of creators contest on daily/weekly basis. Each contest has slots, prize pools, winning % and an amount to enter the contest. Just select your favorite contest and enter the FLOC arena. You can anytime enter our FREE contest to test your skills without any money invested.


Create your portfolio

It's time to create your dream portfolio of youtube creators. Apply your analytical skills using our creator profiles, passive knowledge about the creators on how their content is performing on their real youtube channels. Each creator has credits assigned to them and you have "X" credits to create your team of "Y" creators. Use them wisely. Sounds fun?


Preview and submit

Once you are done with portfolio creation, you can preview and submit it for the contest. Your team will compete with other portfolio participated in the contest based on the max number of points. The point system is derived from our rulebook that is mentioned in the FLOC APP.


Win Instant profits

Finally at the end the of contest, you will win cash based on the winning ratio logic that is defined in the app. You can ask for the withdrawal inside the app and our team will release your winning payouts instantly into your bank account.

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Now trusted by 50,000 players

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Rs. 25,000
Ankit Takiyar

“I’ve been investing on FLOC for the last few weeks. It’s truly my analytical skills that have helped me gain this achievement and empowered me to be capable to win the contest.”

Rs. 50,000
Neha Varshney

I love FLOC and I really like the concept of managing my favourite creators that I daily watch on youtube. Now I can even earn on their popularity. I just have to analyse their engagement data. It's so much fun and skill.”

Rs. 1,00,000
Vishal Sharma

“I love watching Youtube daily for 5-6 hours and with FLOC, I can use my skills of creators knowledge that I have developed in the last few years. I have developed a key on how to win on FLOC. It's not a fluke. I know who will perform best in the upcoming week.”

Product Roadmap


- Wallet creation of users
- FLT tokens integration


- Contest Smart Contracts
- Floc Tokens & Tokenomics
- Creators Dashboard
- Launch on 1 global location


- Streak & badge NFTs
- Launch on 3 global locations
- On-chain clan systems


- Creator token launchpad
- Creator tokens exchange